This is a sketchy outlook on our plans for the upcomming releases of SectorMania. It is no accident that we do not anounce any release dates here.

SectorMania (released)

The first public release. It features the core gameplay, and not much more.

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SectorMania 2

This release will mostly be about improving the technology of SectorMania. The changes will help us to improve the gameplay and general usability of the game in the subsequent releases. The highlights of this release are:

  • Networking & multiplayer: re-designed network code. Hosting games will be easier, playing games online will feel smoother.
  • Graphics: new 3D graphics. The game will look better, and use less CPU resources, and less RAM.

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SectorMania 3

This release will be about gameplay and looks.

  • Gameplay: deeper gameplay, and an improved multi-player experience.
  • Storry & world: all new setting. Maybe SectorMania 3 will feature bees and ants. Or zombies. In any case it will get a new look with better graphics, and better sound.

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