Moving the Camera

Pressing the arrow keys scrolls the camera. You can also position the mouse cursor near the border of the screen, or click on the mini map with the left mouse button. Return to top.


Selecting Units and Buildings

You can left-click on one of your units or buildings to select it. If you hold down the shift or ctrl key, then your current selection will be extended, otherwise it will be discarded. To select all units in an area, simply hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse across the area. You can also select all visible units of the same type by double-clicking on a unit with the left mouse button.
This would be no strategy game if it would not also let you store and retrieve selections. Hold down the ctrl key and press a number key to store a selection. Press that number key to retrieve the selection. Double-clicking the number key focuses the camera on the selection. Return to top.

Moving Units

Right-click to order your selected units to move to the area you clicked on. In case your right mouse button is broken: left-click the move command from the menu at the right bottom of the screen, or press m, then left-click on the target area.

Units that have been ordered to move will ignore hostiles they encounter on their way. Often, this is not what you want. Order your units to attack an area to make them defend themselves when they encounter hostiles (you already knew this since you have played an RTS made by Blizzard, right?). Return to top.


Select the attack command from the unit menu with a left-click, or press a. Left-click on the target area to move your selected units and have them annihilate everything they encounter on the way. Target a building or a unit directly to make your minions focus their attack on it and to ignore everything else. A right-click on a unit or building has the same effect. Return to top.


Select the repair command from the unit menu with a left-click, or press r. Left-click on the unit or building you want to repair. Instead, you can also just right-click on the target. Note that only some types of units can be repaired. Return to top.

Building Units

Select a factory, left-click on a build button to order the factory to build units of that type. The factory will produce this unit type until ordered to do something else.
Factories draw their power from nodes. Their production speed increases with every node you control. Return to top.


Conquering Sectors

Right-clicking a sector node will make your selected units conquer it, even if hostiles are nearby. If no hostiles are nearby, units automatically conquer sector nodes close to them.
You cannot conquer a sector faster by ordering multiple units to do it. Return to top.

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