SectorMania is our attempt to build a multiplayer real-time strategy game that is easy to grasp and fun to play. It is not meant to require weeks of practice to compete in some online leagues or tournaments, instead it is something you can play in-between with your friends or colleagues for a quick dose of multiplayer entertainment. If your friends have never played SectorMania before, they will be able to grasp all the principles after one or two games.


SectorMania is inspired heavily by the classic game Z by the Bitmap Brothers. We have a single faction, no base building and no resource management. Instead, players compete for sectors, fractions of the map that, when in your possession, give you control over factories so that you can build an army. Every player starts with a headquarter, and if the headquarter is conquered or destroyed, it means game over.

Key Features

  • Territory control instead of resources – The speed at which players can replenish their armies is determined by the amount of territory they control. There is no resource gathering and no base construction. The action starts right away.
  • Perfect information – There is no fog of war, and each player can see what each factory is building. Scouting is not an issue in this game, but of course you still have to pay attention.
  • Symmetric gameplay – Each player uses the same types of units and buildings. Everyone starts under equal conditions
  • Short playing times, instant action – A typical SectorMania game will be over in 15 minutes or less, and there’s no build up. You immediately start producing units and conquering sectors.
  • Easy to pick up – One or two games should be enough to get the gist of the game and compete with more experienced players. You should still expect to lose, but it’ll be fun. 🙂

Current Status

Right now, SectorMania is in a prototyping phase. This means our current focus is to test and refine the core gameplay. Prototypes are usually quick and dirty implementations of game ideas to be able to see them in action and decide if they actually work in practice, if they need refinement or if you should just scratch it. As a consequence, prototypes make strong compromises on graphics, sounds and polish – they neither look nor sound great, and their interface is minimal.

If that doesn’t turn you off, you are welcome to try the prototype which we have made available for download. Since we want our game to be played, we’d like to make sure that our ideas actually resonate with at least some people, and we’d like to invite those people to help us refine the idea as close to perfection as possible. If you decide to play the prototype, let us know your impressions. Your help is appreciated 🙂

Any Questions?

Check out our FAQ section, or if that doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to post it in the forums!

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