Welcome to SectorMania!

SectorMania is a multi-player action strategy game in the spirit of the classic ‘Z’. It is designed to be fun and simple. Want to know more? Check out the About page.
Right now there is a first prototype of the game available for download. The download is free and not harmful to children.


Wow. It has been a long time to this moment. What started as a simple mod for the RTS game ‘Earth 2150′ years ago is now finally coming to life as the independent title it’s supposed to be.

After a long period of failed attempts and interfering real life we have, for the last 91 days, been working feverishly on a prototype for SectorMania – a fun and simple real-time strategy game in the spirit of the old classic ‘Z’. And now we proudly present this prototype to you to play with and (if you feel like it) give us some feedback. It is a long way from being a finished game, and being a prototype it looks pretty rough and lacks a lot of features but it is fully playable and will hopefully provide you with as much fun playing it as we had developing it. So, download the game and beat the AI or, better yet, go find a real human being to play against. And if you like, please consider visiting our forums and tell us what you think about the game so that we can improve on the prototype and create an even better game in future iterations!

P.S. This release is Windows-only. Shame on us. We love all operating systems and are hoping that we can provide releases for Linux and Mac OS X in the near future.